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About ExpoIQ

Our team comes to work every day to build technology assisting corporations find the most relevant conferences and trade shows to exhibit at. We aggregate and analyze massive data sets while leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to predict key trends in the events industry.
We target companies exhibiting in 10 or more events per year to predict with great certainty which events they should attend or exhibit at...with the clear goal of generating the most relevant high quality leads for their business.

We Help Companies Answer Questions Like:

  • Which events are my clients attending?
  • Which events are my clients exhibiting at?
  • Which events have the highest concentration of my target client accounts?
  • Which events have the highest concentrations of Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Data Scientists?
  • Should we exhibit at event A vs. event B?
  • What are the job titles and industry verticals of a specific event we are interested in?
Our software algorithmically analyzes this data to bring transparency to your events marketing campaigns so you know ahead of time which events to attend or exhibit at based on your target client accounts...all before committing your two most valuable resources of time and money. Try us out.